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Same Sex Marriages

Are you and your partner preparing to enter into a same sex marriage in Illinois?

Will the "Windy City" of Chicago be the setting for your same sex marriage?

When it comes to the ceremony, do you want to worry less and relax more?

Chicago Wedding Judge - Same Sex marriage ServicesThen allow me, Judge John G. Laurie, to officiate on your special day.

Illinois now allows all committed couples to enter into marriage, as well as granting equal access for all committed couples to the state's 600+ spousal benefits and protections.

If you are seeking a meaningful, genuine ceremony to underscore this long-awaited equality under the law, then please allow me to officiate at your wedding. I am available to discuss your plans and assist you with your ceremonial format.

Understanding the solemnity of this landmark event, it will be my goal to support you on your special day.

I have a traditional ceremony that can be modified to include either religious or secular formats. If you wish, you may also use your own vows or make modifications to my standard formats. You may also provide your own style of ceremony including poetry, candle-lighting, music or another traditional ritual you prefer.

The first step is to speak with you by telephone so that we can discuss your plans. There is no cost to call and talk to me about what you are interested in and how it can be accomplished. The best time to call is any week day after 2:00 PM or anytime on the weekend subject to my performing other ceremonies.

My fee does vary depending upon the date, time, location and length of the ceremony. I will gladly quote you a price after the initial telephone consultation.

In general, my fee for a downtown Chicago ceremony will range from $175 to $300.

The fee for other Chicagoland locations, including suburbs, will vary based upon date, time and distance, but is usually between $250 and $450.

Holidays or Holiday Weekend dates in any location, require a specific quote. Ceremonies aboard boats also require a specific quote.

Please try to contact me as much in advance as possible, in order to reserve my services for your special date.

A $100 deposit is required in order to reserve a specific date.